How It Works

How It Works

Make money while looking out for each other

Protect each other while making money. Record injustices and share evidences with victims to make their cases. The amount you get for your evidence is up to you. All you need is the phone number(s) of the Victim(s).

Your evidences are safe

you do not have to worry about your evidences getting lost with your device as evidences are saved directly to the cloud and not on your phone.

Access to Thousands of Lawyers

We understand many people cannot access a lawyer or afford one. As a 247Sue member however, thousands of lawyers are only a few click away.

Create cases and exercise your right

For many years you have taken a lot of injustice because you do not know how to go about exercising your right. But not any more. Sue individuals, corporations and government entities from your phone with just a few clicks. Hold your society accountable and earn money doing so.

None Doctorable Video Evidences

As video evidences cannot be uploaded unto the app and recorded evidence cannot be edited by users or member, video evidences cannot be doctored.

Creating a Case

Creating a Case is easy, provide details of the individual or organisation you want to sue, add a brief description of the case, the app already records the location and time of the event. Just attach your evidence and create case. A lawyer will be assigned to your case as quickly as possible.

How Lawyers Are assigned to your Case

Once your case is created, the nearest lawyer is automatically assigned to your case. If the case is not suitable for your assigned lawyer, a lawyer will be reassigned.

How It Works